About Our Team

Founder and Chairperson of GTC

Dr. Jean Aime MUSABYEMUNGU, originating from the rural area of Nyamyumba in Rwanda, embodies resilience and unwavering commitment to his dreams. Overcoming the challenges of his upbringing, he firmly adhered to the principle of never surrendering his aspirations.

His academic journey was distinguished by numerous achievements and several academic awards. Notably, he received a scholarship from the Wells Mountain Initiative, enabling him to pursue General Medicine and Surgery at the University of Rwanda. Currently, he continues his academic pursuits as a Thoracic and Cardiovascular surgery resident at the University of Nairobi.

Having triumphed over the demanding path of medical education, Dr. MUSABYEMUNGU emerged as a medical doctor, a testament to his unyielding dedication and hard work.

In 2016, he founded “Give Them a Chance,” a project dedicated to supporting children in his community who faced challenges in obtaining basic school materials. Over time, the project expanded its scope to empower teen mothers by providing financial training, sewing skills, and comprehensive sexual reproductive health education.

Dr. Jean Aime Musabyemungu’s transformative journey from a rural upbringing to becoming a medical doctor not only signifies personal triumph but also underscores his commitment to community development through initiatives that address educational disparities and empower marginalized groups.

Co-founder and Vice-chairperson 

Dr. Martin NDINZWENIMANA, the co-founder and Vice-Chairperson of Give Them a Chance, leads the design and pilot testing of community projects before their implementation.

As a WMI Graduate Scholar, Dr. Martin brings over 4 years of experience in designing, managing, and monitoring the project’s sexual reproductive health training. His journey includes previous roles as a project designer and management officer at the University of Rwanda, Karongi University Student Association.

A medical doctor with honors from the University of Rwanda School of Medicine, Dr. Martin currently serves at Kibuye Referral Hospital. His commitment to community development and healthcare expertise contributes significantly to the success of Give Them a Chance’s initiatives.

Dr. Gad DUSENGIMANA – Director of Operations 

Dr. Gad DUSENGIMANA plays a vital role in our project, overseeing the design and pilot testing of survey instruments and managing the creation and ongoing oversight of our monitoring and evaluation (M&E) database.

With over 3 years of experience in M&E, Dr. Gad brings valuable expertise to the project. Before joining GTC, he served as the youth coordinator and M&E coordinator/system administrator for the University of Rwanda Adventist Student Association.

A medical doctor with first-class honors from the University of Rwanda School of Medicine, Dr. Gad is currently advancing his career in Ophthalmology at the Rwanda International Institute of Ophthalmology (RIIO). His dual expertise in medicine and project management enriches our team, ensuring the effectiveness and precision of our survey instruments and M&E processes.

Justine MUKESHIMANA – Director of Operations 

Justine MUKESHIMANA, a dedicated member of the project, plays a pivotal role in overseeing fundraising, communication, and beneficiary management. Her commitment to the project has been steadfast since its inception. A passionate advocate for gender equality and a staunch supporter of education, Justine has been instrumental in selecting and managing project beneficiaries.

As a graduate of the Wells Mountain Initiative (WMI) scholarship program, Justine holds the role of a registered nurse in Rwanda, actively practicing at a community health center. Her multifaceted contributions, including fundraising efforts, significantly contribute to the organization’s sustainability.

Justine MUKESHIMANA’s involvement reflects not only her professional expertise but also her commitment to social causes, making her an integral part of the project’s success.

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