COVID-19 Community Health Education

Members of the community were educated on COVID-19, preventive measures, and what it will take to survive this pandemic. They covered how to wash hands, reasons for social distancing, and the importance of wearing a mask properly.

The misinformation about COVID-19 seems to be spreading faster than the virus itself. People often believe this false information, as they offer easy solutions and allow others to take advantage of those most vulnerable. In Rwanda, COVID-19 health information is communicated primarily by radio and television. But most people in rural communities have no television, radio, or phone to be able to access accurate information about this disease. 

GTC wants to help people in the Rubavu District receive important COVID-19 health information.   As they are not allowed out of their homes, a community volunteer passes through the community using a portable outdoor loudspeaker to deliver accurate COVID-19 information.  Also, this same accurate COVID-19 health information is being delivered to people who come to the community health center to receive the facial masks, and soap as well as to those who receive the basic foods we deliver to their homes.

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